Emergency SERVICES

Open Everyday 7am to 8pm
Voted #1 in Customer Service 4 Years in a Row

Locked Out of your vehicle?

If you forgot your keys inside your car or the doors won't open we can unlock it for you in no time. Platinum Roadside is your most affordable and fastest option Call us at 717-350-9890

Jumpstart/Dead battery

Your car won't start or your battery needs a boost after a while of being inactive, we can help. You'll be surprised how fast and how affordable our service is. Call us at 717-350-9890

Tire Change/Repair

Got a flat tire? Don't worry we've all been there. We can change it if you have a good spare, or even repair your tire if we're able. We even guarantee that repair for the life of the tire. Call us at 717-350-9890

On-Scene battery installation

Having trouble starting your vehicle? The battery just won't charge. We will come TO YOU with a NEW battery that is an exact fit for your vehicle.  Wherever you are we come to you, on the SAME DAY. Call us at 717-350-9890

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